On The Tour!

We're on the tour!

Working downtown is always fun. The most recent project was right off King near the Market. I swear those carriage tours were going by every 10 minutes. This week they got to see the #DownAndDirty side of Charleston. We were about as dirty as any one man can get, looking like chimney sweeps right out of Mary Poppins.

We ran out of room in the dumpster we had parked on the street, so it was time to make more room. Using one of by best pieces of equipment, my big belly, i offered my mass to crush the old duct work. Well wouldn't you know it, a tour rides by to see me covered head to toe in dirt, crawling around in a dumpster.

I really thought my fifteen minutes of fame would be more fulfilling. If some of the carriage passengers hadn't noticed me, they quickly tuned-in to Mike's report of cackling laughter as he pointed the camera at me. Complete Crawlspace, Downtown and Dirty!

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