These guys know their stuff. As a realtor, I have to make sure my clients are taken care of. If I don't, the deal might not go through. Its nice to have guys you can trust to get the job done right without taking up my time dealing with it.

Complete Crawlspace does competitive pricing so the customer is always happy. Just show them a competitor's bid, and they'll try to beat it. The quality of the work is always the best. I never worry about a deal getting stalled when they handle the repair addendum. The sellers are happy, the buyers are happy, and I'm happy.

Ken Kurtz, Realtor, Charleston SC

I moved into my family home with the understanding that it needed some work. I was totally surprised when the termite report came back. Almost half of the structural sills were shredded from termites.

Paul and Mike worked with me over time to get the work done. This helped me save up for the repairs. They tackled the worst sections first, making sure the home was stabilized. I just saved up enough money to get the last bit of work completed. It was a good feeling, when it was all done, to know that my old home was solid again and ready to go another 100 years.

John Heider, Homeowner, Columbia SC

After finally getting a contract on my house, I was ready to move until the home inspection came in: almost 30 feet of water damaged sill on the back of the house. The quotes I was getting to have the work done were off the charts. I called Paul and Mike and they were not only able to repair the damaged wood, they also located the source of the water intrusion and installed a drain system so it wouldn't happen again.

In the end, they were about 30% cheaper than everyone and they did more work. The sale went through and I was able to move in with my new fiancé. If they hadn't stepped in it may not have happened. Call Complete Crawlspace—they can help.

Joseph Kennedy, Homeowner, Columbia SC