The foundation is the most important part of your home!

We are licensed contractors experienced in crawlspace maintenance, restoration, and repair.

Coming from the historic remodeling industry, we saw a need for experienced building contractors in the structural repair industry. Most of the repairs were being done by various subcontractors lacking the structural understanding to complete repairs adequately. We have adapted techniques and materials from the remodeling industry to improve upon traditionally accepted but inferior methods.

  • Foundation Repairs: We use the best materials and practices to not only repair your home but also improve it.
  • Moisture Control: From full encapsulation to simple vent wells, we are experienced in controlling moisture under your home.
  • Mechanical Repairs: We are equipped to inspect and address issues with your home's mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Maintenance: With our service agreement, we will check your home's crawlspace once a year to ensure it is safe and sound.

Our latest work

The best mold removal system in the industry. Our two part chemical treatment system easily removes mold bodies and soaks into wood to attack the roots.

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Our Benefits

Complete Crawlspace stands apart from the competitors for many reasons. Here are just a few.

Rapid response

When it comes to the structure of your home, it's important to address problems quickly.

Thorough Evaluation

We'll check every aspect of your crawlspace and help you make a plan.

Structural Backgrounds

Don't let your bug man deal with major structural repairs. We are experienced contractors.

Local Contacts

We are a local company servicing the Low Country and the Midlands of SC. Don't hire someone traveling from hours away.

Mechanical Repairs

Many crawlspace issues are related to mechanical and plumbing failures. We do turn key repairs with no need to call other contractors.

Customer Support

We stand behind our workmanship, and with our service agreement, we will check your crawlspace once a year.

Schedule An Evaluation

Let us take a look to see how we can improve your crawlspace environment.