Paul started working in the construction industry at 18. By age 21 he was a licensed contractor running his own construction company. He built homes and additions and specialized in historic remodeling. After the housing market crash, repair and remodeling became the company focus.

Paul holds several degrees and certificates including a BFA in art from the University of South Carolina. He also received a Qualified Framing certificate from Midlands Technical College as well as Building Codes, Building Methods, and Construction Law certificates from the college.

Paul hired Mike Bergen to run the job sites and oversee workers. Together they were able to bring a level of quality to their jobs that quickly set them apart from the competition. After consistently having to repair and replace structural work completed by other contractors, they saw a need for a more focused company, so they created Complete Crawlspace. Already innovating ways to complete structural repairs more efficiently and permanently, they are able to offer standards of service far above the competition.

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