Mold Specialists

Mold treatment can be tricky if not done right. To properly address a crawlspace mold problem it must be handled in two parts. First the mold bodies on the surface need to be removed so that the root of the problem can be properly treated.

Mold can grow down inside porous materials like lumber. The actual mold and mushrooms you see on the surface are just the flowers of the fungus, but their are roots (mycelium) that reach down into decaying organic material. Our two part chemical mold removal and treatment system is unparalleled in South Carolina.

The first chemical is a bleaching agent that melts the mold bodies off the surface of the wood with minimal scrubbing--this saves you money! The second chemical is an EPA registered disinfectant that soaks into the lumber and attacks the mold at it's roots. Our disinfectant also contains baking soda to deal with musty odors and lower the PH of the wood to help inhibit future mold growth.

Unlike other companies' one coat peroxide or water based mold treatment or bleaching agents, our system actually visible removes the mold and treats it deep into the wood framing. When our mold treatment is combined with our moisture control recommendations, your crawlspace can be clean and healthy again.