Snake Buddy

The first day on the job... Mike and I were mucking out the old duct work and insulation under a downtown Charleston home when Mike made a new friend. He was comfortably nesting above a piece of old insulation. When Mike pulled it down, they came face to face. I did mention that this was…
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On The Tour!

We're on the tour! Working downtown is always fun. The most recent project was right off King near the Market. I swear those carriage tours were going by every 10 minutes. This week they got to see the #DownAndDirty side of Charleston. We were about as dirty as any one man can get, looking like…
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A New One For Me

A very interesting problem. I'm not surprised much anymore in this industry. I have run across just about every issue that can go wrong with a home. Some so much, I can tell what the problem is over the phone with very little information.┬áThe issue we ran into this week was a new one for…
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