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Mold Season Is Here!

In the south, spring is pollen season! This is the time of year when those majestic live oaks and colorful azaleas we all love turn against us and blanket the earth with a yellow snow, causing us to wince and sneeze. Luckily, for those of us with allergies, spring also brings lots of rain to…
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Snake Buddy

The first day on the job... Mike and I were mucking out the old duct work and insulation under a downtown Charleston home when Mike made a new friend. He was comfortably nesting above a piece of old insulation. When Mike pulled it down, they came face to face. I did mention that this was…
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On The Tour!

We're on the tour! Working downtown is always fun. The most recent project was right off King near the Market. I swear those carriage tours were going by every 10 minutes. This week they got to see the #DownAndDirty side of Charleston. We were about as dirty as any one man can get, looking like…
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A New One For Me

A very interesting problem. I'm not surprised much anymore in this industry. I have run across just about every issue that can go wrong with a home. Some so much, I can tell what the problem is over the phone with very little information. The issue we ran into this week was a new one for…
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